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Everyone has their area of expertise. And in most cases, your area of expertise will be an area that you understand very well and have a genuine passion for. In order to master anything, you must understand it well enough to teach it. When I undertake a task I learn it to the core so I am able to easily share the fundamentals with others. I am fortunate that my creator Yahweh, has blessed me with the ability to have an in depth understanding of very specific subjects. I am a personal trainer. I love training people and helping people to live better, healthier and happier lives. Originally, I became a personal trainer in Federal prison. I was fortunate enough to take a class offered by the prison administration in conjunction with the national Federation of Professional Trainers or (NFPT). The course was an in depth course that taught me the basics for personal training. Since my original certification, I have continued my education in personal training and have dedicated myself to understanding personal training techniques for both men and women. I train both on a one and one basis and I train in groups. If you need a person to help you achieve your goals and can motivate you to make better choices, then I am a great choice for you.

Personal Training Your Beginning Point

All significant achievements and valuable goals require some sort of trainer or coach. Someone who understands the road to your goal better than you, someone who posses knowledge that will inspire you to want to delve deeper into yourself.  A personal trainer is your chance to start your journey to a better tomorrow. Personal trainers like coaches can see you from a third party point of view. This allows us to see the areas the need immediate attention. Getting to know you allows people like myself to assist you in identifying your short and long term goals. Once your goals are identified we then put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals. Life is beautiful and when you are making progress it is even more enjoyable. As a personal trainer I work with all people of all ages and all backgrounds. I love working with diverse people it helps with my own experience in this world and allows me to see the world from different perspectives. Personal training is a big part of my life and health drives my passion for personal training.

Your Personal Trainer

Because we all need help with exercise and because we are all individuals who have different goals and different expectations, we each need our own individualized plan of action. We all need our very own plan to help us achieve our fitness and lifestyle goals. Like most of us have a hair dresser who keeps our hair looking great and barbers who keep us looking clean, we need our very own personal trainer who can help us with knowledge in health and fitness. Call me today and allow me to help you create an individual plan to reach your health and fitness goals.

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