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My Crazy Life | The Oscar Martinez Story

sylvia-300x245Life is amazing. It is so much more than a career or paying bills. Our lives are purposeful. Our difficulties and struggles are our teachers. We develop as we endure. I started my life with a physical handicap. I was paralyzed from the neck down. I remember my mother telling family members that I would never walk. Somehow my mind did not agree and today I walk just fine. I thank Yahweh everyday for this ability. I came into the United States by way of Puerto Rico in approximately 1975. We relocated to New York and life started moving at a very rapid pace. 40 years later I look back in amazement. I have lived in several states, owned plenty of property, spent eight years in federal prison, was deported with no place to go, and somehow, it all passed and here I am today alive and well. God is good, all the time.

While incarcerated I wrote a book. A short book that was actually an assignment given to me by my counselor. While in federal prison I participated in a 9 month residential drug treatment program headed by Doctor Chandler who I have grown to love and admire. Prison was a true changing point in my life. I was so fortunate to be mentally free while physically incarcerated. No distractions, a man can truly sit and be still and get to know himself. It may sound crazy but I recommend everyone incarcerate themselves, be still, eliminate your distractions and tap into your God given talents. Make yourself happy, make yourself proud.

Click here to download a copy of the book I authored while in prison. (Download Here)

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